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The construction of high-rise building, Chimneys, Towers, Bridges & Industrial structures has created a demand for "UNLIMITED HEIGHT, MOBILE CONTINUOUS ACCESS PLATFORMS". These are required for construction & maintenance of building, cleaning, painting, repairs and glass facade maintenance. These mobile continuous access platforms are commonly known as GONDOLAS. These platforms are raised & lowered "using hoisting motors that run on steel wire ropes that pass through the hoisting mechanism using pressure pulleys. The steel wire ropes used in it are called GONDOLA ROPES.

These steel wire ropes are made using a special steel with tightly controlled specification having special zinc coating applied before wire drawing with improved adherence of coating, closer tolerances, improved fatigue property to provide longer rope life & consistent quality.

Unless otherwise specified, the Gondola ropes are dry with a view to avoid the adherence of dust particles & slippage in rollers when in use in open-air atmosphere.
Sheave and grooved rollers must be checked periodically for wear in the grooves, which may cause pinching, and abrasion of the rope. If the groove bears the imprint of the rope it should be machined clean or replaced with a sheave of harder material.
In order to avoid corrosion and damage, wire rope should be stored in a dry place, with adequate ventilation to avoid a build-up of moisture around rope. The stored rope must be covered with dust protecting covering. Avoid the rope contact with alkalis and acidic materials, otherwise the rope will get corroded at the point of contact.
Proper maintenance & care of rope ensures safety, longer life and lower costs, therefore:
Never over load the wire rope.
Never exceed the work load limit/safe working load.
Use correct design factor for the application.
Never use damaged, or corroded rope.
Never use broken, corroded, grooved sheaves.
Never fail in performing the periodical check for the maintenance of rope.
Do not use twisted, looped or kinked wire rope.
Avoid crushing or hammering, severe or reverse bending.
Avoid shock-too fast start or stop, as this may lead to bird caging of the rope.

Construction Main core 5/16" (8.00 mm) 8.20 mm. 8.30 mm. 9.00 mm. 3/8" (9.53 mm.)
Weight (kg/km) Min. B/L (kN) Weight (kg/km) Min. B/L (kN) Weight (kg/km) Min. B/L (kN) Weight (kg/km) Min. B/L (kN) Weight (kg/km) Min. B/L (kN)
1770 N/mm2 1960 N/mm2 1770 N/mm2 1960 N/mm2 1770 N/mm2 1960 N/mm2 1770 N/mm2 1960 N/mm2 1770 N/mm2 1960 N/mm2
4x19S (9/9/1)
4x26WS (10/5+5/5/1)
FMC 229 42 46.6 241 44.1 49 247 45.2 50.1 290 53.2 58.9 325 59.2 65.7
5x19S (9/9/1)
FMC 223 40.8 45.2 234 42.8 47.4 240 43.9 48.6 282 51.6 57.2 331 57.8 64
6x17S (8/8/1) WSC
246 40.3 44.7 258 42.3 47 264 43.3 48.2 311 51 56.6 348 62.9 69.9
6x19S (9/9/1) WSC
253 40.3 44.7 265 42.3 47 272 43.3 48.2 320 51 56.6 358 62.9 69.9
6x19 (12/6/1) WSC
243 40.3 44.7 255 42.3 47 262 43.3 48.2 308 51 56.6 344 62.9 69.9
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